julio 02, 2020 1 min read

Step 1
Gently peel away as much adhesive as you can. Go ahead and skip this step if your skin is feeling sensitive or if the adhesive is stuck to an area with hair where the peeling process will hurt.

Step 2
Soak a cotton ball with spirit gum remover. This stuff is sold in magic and costume stores, usually behind the makeup counter. It's generally blue or slightly yellow and comes in small bottles.

Step 3
Hold the cotton ball against the adhesive on your skin for about 10 seconds. If you've got a large spot to remove, blot the remover onto the glue so you can spread it out over a larger space. It will start to get sticky and return to a liquid state.

Step 4
Rub away the softened adhesive. If the melted glue is too thick to wipe off with the cotton ball, use some facial tissue or toilet paper.

Step 5
Repeat with other spots of adhesive, remaining glue, or any glue still stuck to your bra.