How to Apply Braless bras

This video will help you easily apply your Braless bras properly 

💖 Wipe the breasts with a warm towel. Clean all oil, dirt, and sweat from the skin. Do not use perfume, talcum powder or breast lotion before wearing The bras, as this may affect the strength of the adhesive.

💖 Remove the protective film from the bra and carefully store for reuse.

💖Apply the bottom first next adjust it then stretch up and apply on top and rub vigorously for 20 seconds to activate it. 

💖 Use swoop and scoop method to place breasts comfortably into contour cups

💖Press and hold contour cups to skin for several moments to adhere cups to skin.

❤ TIPS ❤ : Before using, wipe the breasts with warm towel

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